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Stucco for interior decor

Sample interior is not your option, is it? Pay attention to the stucco decoration that will impart an air of individuality to the room. Use pilasters, columns, panels and tiles in order to embody your designing fantasies. Gypsum stucco is suitable for decorating both residential and commercial rooms. In addition, due to the moisture and heat resistance such decor can be used in bathrooms, indoor pools, kitchens, etc.

The Hermitage studio offers a wide range of gypsum decor. We are ready to cooperate both with wholesale and retail buyers. We will help professional designers and architects implement interesting ideas.

Advantages of using gypsum decoration

For interior design, one can use various building materials, ranging from wallpaper to decorative bricks. If you want the room to look presentable, choose gypsum stucco for decoration. You will appreciate the following benefits:

  1. Affordable price. In our internet catalog you can find simple inexpensive products as well as sophisticated ornament with a complex scrollwork of the premium class. You can choose the option that is appropriate in a particular case.
  2. High quality. Gypsum stucco from the Hermitage studio has the highest performance characteristics. It does not fissure or pale, is not afraid of mold and fungi.
  3. Easy care. There is no need to spend much money to maintain stucco in proper condition. This decor keeps presentable look during a long time.
  4. Harmony. Decorating the interior with gypsum stucco, you can be sure it will be exclusive.

Still have questions? Contact our managers for consultation. They are certain to help with the optimal solution.


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