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Due to the introduction of strict quarantine in the city of Kyiv and all over Ukraine, according to the law on the spread of Crown Viral Infection (covid-19), as well as for security purposes, our office goes into remote mode until 01.05.2020, about all changes we will inform. To make an appointment at the company office, please arrange for your stay.

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Facade gypsum decor is a great option for external decoration of your house. It will allow to implement bold design solutions, focusing on the beauty and worth of the building. You can create a style dominant and emphasize your aristocratic taste.

In the "Hermitage" studio one can find moldings for the facade of a country house, a cottage or a suburban house at an affordable cost. Choose embossed elements to perform exquisite facade decoration. There is no doubt of the materials quality. See photos of finished products on the site and ready-made elements on our electronic catalog to choose style solutions for the architectural design of the outward of your house. Order high-quality pilasters, columns, balusters, balustrades and curbs from the manufacturer without overpayments.


Classical gypsum stucco is made from natural material. It is free from impurities and underwent high-quality heat treatment. The moldings are UV resistant. They do not fade when exposed to sunlight. Due to the fact that the gypsum decor is made by specialists of the "Hermitage" studio with using modern technologies, it acquires durability and moisture resistance. Given necessary knowledge and specialized equipment, the mounting of products can be done manually.  If you want the task to be completed faster, contact the professionals.
Need a facade gypsum stucco but you cannot get on with the range presented on the site? Call our managers and they will help you choose the ready-made product or model the best option according to your individual preferences. We will help to implement your designing ideas and impart an air of individuality to the house. It will become more beautiful and ornate.


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