Want a house or apartment to have an exclusive look? Use decorative stucco for decoration of the interior. It makes any room look presentable. The gypsum products from the "Hermitage" studio are presented in a wide assortment: columns, pilasters, drawbars and much more can be found on our internet catalog. The stucco is environmentally friendly, it is absolutely safe for health. Explore the positions on the site, compare and make a choice! We are open to cooperation with professional architects and designers. Our specialist are ready to help with implementation of any ideas.


Moldings can be used to design the interiors of living-rooms and bedrooms as well as bathrooms or kitchens. Due to its moisture and heat resistance, gypsum stucco has a long service life. It will maintain a long lasting presentable appearance. Our studio "Hermitage" offers a variety of moldings. There are both budget products of simple forms, and samples of premium class, decorated with exquisite ornaments and patterns. It is quite easy to care of gypsum ornaments. The stucco is not subject to fungals, mould or chemical exposure.

The catalog of stucco and embossed products.

Experienced specialists of the "Hermitage" studio offer only high-quality stucco. Thanks to a wide choice, you will easily find the product that harmoniously complements the interior, emphasizes the aristocratic taste and creates the solemn splendour.

You have decided to purchase a moulding for interior decoration, but you cannot make a choice? Call our specialists for a free consultation. In addition to ready-made elements, we can create the products to an individual design. Contact us and we will help you decorate your house or apartment in the most exquisite way!

Gypsum columns as an aristocratic interior decoration

Prefer minimalistic,classic or any other interior? Take a closer look at gypsum columns. These decorative elements can be a real embellishment for any room, whether it is a living room, hallway or home office. Besides, gypsum columns are often used for facade decoration. In the “Hermitage” studio, you can choose an architectural decoration to your liking. We have a wide range of gypsum columns at an affordable cost. Check out our electronic catalog and see for yourself .

Advantages of using gypsum columns

The main purpose of gypsum columns is interior decoration. However, they are needed not only for aesthetics. These architectural elements do an excellent job including practical tasks.

They can be used to:

  • hide engineering communications;
  • mask the defects of the walls;
  • visually change the room (with columns it will begin to look higher);
  • zone the room;
  • support the ceiling, weighted with another stucco.

There are various decorative columns in our electronic catalog. There are interesting items which are decorated with exquisite floral ornaments, such as pampres, amazing flowers, etc. Perfectly smooth columns or decorated with vertical lines. Gypsum columns look the greatest in spacious rooms. They will give majesty and emphasize aristocratic taste. There are no general principles for installing molded products. Everything depends on the chosen interior, furniture arrangement, planning and individual wishes of a customer. If necessary, the columns can be painted in the appropriate color, which will match harmoniously the other items in the room. The columns presented in our electronic catalog are made of natural material - gypsum. It is eco-friendly, practical and durable. The stucco will keep its presentable appearance for years.

If you know little about the intricacies of design art and cannot navigate in the electronic catalog, contact our managers. Experienced professionals provide you with free advice on the selection of suitable gypsum columns. We are open to cooperation with both wholesale and retail customers. Call the phone numbers that are listed on the site to get answers to your questions.




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