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Gypsum caissons as a design element

Gypsum caissons are a popular decorative element that is often used in the interior design. Due to the fact that they are made of natural material that is easy to handle, original ornaments and patterns are easily put on a surface of products. You can pick up stucco caissons in our electronic catalog. Study the proposed assortment and purchase online. Studio "Hermitage" guarantees advantageous conditions of co-operation!

Why should caissons be used for decoration interiors?

Gypsum caissons are not basic elements. Their main role is decorating the room. Using this element for interior decoration, you will note:

  • Interesting design. Fine caissons will allow you to impact an air of sophistication,  magnificence and aristocracity to your design. In addition, they visually increase the height of the ceiling.
  • Ability to emphasize the style decision. Gypsum caissons are perfect for both strict gothic and timeless classics. They can be used for decoration of rooms for various purposes (state rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.).
  • Facing to your liking. If desired, white caissons can be painted in any color you prefer, or plaster over. One can make them look great by decorating with gilt or silver, painting or using hidden lamps.
  • Unusual acoustics. Such stucco can be used in opera or concert halls to emphasize the depth of the music.

Contact our managers to consult on the purchase of gypsum caissons. They will tell you what solution is suitable for your interior. Phone numbers on which you can contact the specialists of the “Hermitage” studio are listed on the home page.

Feel free to call anytime!

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