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Gypsum cartouche as a decorative element for the embodiment of the boldest designing ideas

Fond of baroque style and aristocratic interior decoration? Pay attention to gypsum cartouche. In the Late Renaissance, this decorative element used to serve as an ornament on the homeowners’ coat of arms, an emblem. Today, the stucco cartouche is no less popular than in the old days. It is able to decorate the facade, the entrance to the building, etc. The electronic catalog of the “Hermitage” studio presents a wide selection of cartouches. These are the elements of decorative ornament, having the form of a roll or scroll, frame in the form of an oval, etc. You can use them to make a design opening at the entrance to the reception room, living room, home office, etc. Check out the offered assortment and order buying.

Order cartouches with delivery by mail.

Molded cartouche is usually used for interiors with the emphasis on brevity, severity of forms and minimalism. In this case, you can avoid excessive magnificence and pomposity.

Here you can place an order for a cartouche:

  • Of any size and shape. Small ones are most often used to decorate openings, interior doors and staircases, and large ones - to decorate the front entrance. There are interesting options, such as scrolls, medallions, bezant, etc.
  • With a different frame. You can choose a cartouche, framed by a garland of flowers,

leaves, zigzags, monograms.

  • At an affordable cost. We are ready to offer both budget samples and products of premium class. We work with both retail and wholesale customers. Want to buy decorative moldings for interior decoration of your own home? Our managers will help with the picking up a suitable gypsum cartouche. Contact us by phone numbers listed on the site. Experienced specialists will give answers to your questions and tell the details of cooperation.

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