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Stucco decoration has always been considered a keen sense of fashion, as it looks gorgeous. To emphasize a sense of style and your personality, you can choose pilasters. This is an alternative to gypsum columns. It looks no less rich, but costs less and takes up less free space (in fact, they are flat columns). 

Explore the assortment presented in the catalog of “Hermitage”, the stucco studio. We offer a diverse range of pilasters, which are able to emphasize a sense of style and love of aristocracy. Such a purchase will not hit the budget! See for yourself by looking at the prices of products. 

Pilasters can be used both as a decor of facades made in antique or classical style, as well as framing fireplaces, arches, door and window openings. Well-chosen elements can hide tiny defects in joints, ceilings and walls. 

Our catalog includes the samples decorated with exquisite ornaments, as well as those of smooth profile. These are architectural elements that can help to make the interior exclusive and elegant by adding a tint of aristocracy to it. They can be used not only to give the room charm, but also for visual zoning.

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