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Gypsum columns are an aristocratic design element that can impart an air of elegance and refinement to any room. For many years they have been used as an alternative to marble products. They look no worse, but it they are much cheaper. Choosing a moulding, pay attention to the shaft. This is an architectural solution that differs in cross section, design and size (the height, in particular). The shaft is an important part of the columns, which are used for interior or facade decoration. In many ways, it is this element that determines the outward of the future stucco, therefore, it is necessary to choose a product not only considering its cost.


Smooth surface of the construction is decorated with vertical lines. Such product is quite temperate. It is an excellent solution for the interior in the style of provence, classic or modern.
The product is decorated with an ornament in floral motifs (vine, flowers, etc.).
The product can be decorated with curls, scaly petals and other refined elements.
If it is difficult for you to understand the niceties of design art and select a column shaft in accordance with the general concept of your interior, contact the specialists of the “Hermitage” gypsum moulding studio. They will tell you which solution is the best in your case:

For rooms made in antique style, the best option would be simple shafts with a small amount of decorations.
If the house is decorated in the style of hi-tech, country, chalet or some other modern style, the gypsum elements can be painted in an acidic shade. This will ensure the unity of design.
For rooms in ethno style you should order the shafts with elements that will correspond to the chosen concept.
Place your order right now, the “Hermitage” will offer advantageous terms for both wholesalers and retail customers.

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