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Rococo as a art style originated in the distant 18th century in France. Remember the films about that time European kingdoms, the decoration of the castles is striking in its pretentiousness, grandeur and elegance. All this is characteristic of the rococo style. Despite its long history, the rococo style is also present in the modern interior.


If you are a fan of grace and sophistication in the rooms design, then the interior design ideas according to the French fashion of the 18th century will not leave you indifferent. Rococo style in the interior does not put restrictions on the area of space: you can decorate a small apartment and a spacious country house.

The integral features of the rococo style are:

  • Golden decor;
  • Curls and cartouches on the walls as decorations;
  • Painting on the walls;
  • Stucco on the ceiling;
  • Fireplace;
  • A great number of mirrors.

The main colours in the interior design are blue, cream, light green shades. All decor elements must necessarily have the appearance of real gold.

To create in your home the 18th century luxurious France atmosphere, it is not necessary to completely change the entire interior. It is enough to make in this style, for example, the ceiling or walls, complementing them with appropriate furniture and mirrors.

Following the rules of the Rococo style, you need to cover the walls with plain wallpaper or just paint it. Make ornately shaped frames: oval, rectangular, with the image of nature or animals. Frames can be decorated with white or gilded stucco. If the painting is not to your taste, decorate the walls with tapestry pictures. In order to decorate the ceiling in the rococo style, it is painted in white and decorated with white or gilded stucco. The corner formed by the ceiling and walls can be smoothed with a special half-round finishing and decorated with a neat ornament.

It is fine to lay parquet or ceramic tiles on the floor, creating the illusion of marble. The choice of the floor colour design is yours, as long as it matches the design of the room. The only nuance that needs to be taken into account is to make the floor glossy, which will give chic and luxury to the interior. Rococo style suggests the presence of carpets in the room. Choose a carpet of a smaller area than the room so that the amazing beauty of the floor can be seen.

Make a choice of elegant furniture with curved fretted legs. Remember that it should not be located along the walls, but closer to the centre. Create a cozy space for pastime with the help of small sofas, poufs and chairs.

Do not forget the fireplace! Without it, you will not be able to completely create a rococo style in your home. Above the fireplace, hang a mirror in a royal gilded frame, with elegant curves and ornaments.

To complete the creation of the French style from the time of Louis XV, complete the interior with porcelain trinkets, candlesticks, table lamps and wall brackets.

The room, decorated in rococo style, will surround you with graceful beauty and comfort, allowing you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of grandeur inherent in real kings!

The Hermitage art workshop is ready to develop and implement special interior design in accordance with any preferences of the customer.


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