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The Baroque interior is a full of luxury, solemnity and splendor. If you are no stranger to the unimaginable wealth, dazzling and splendor in the interior or you want to make a huge impression on your guests, then you should choose this style to design your home. After all, no other interior can convey all the pomp and grandeur of the baroque.


The main features of the Baroque style in the interior:

  • complex ornate lines present throughout;
  • bright colours, gilding, architectural elements and decorations.
  • natural materials.

It is ideal for spacious, high placement . However, it also suitable for small rooms, it is enough to establish individual elements that help recreate the spirit of that period. It has complex, intricate weaves, spirals and patterns. Baroque requires rich, bright colours, a lot of gold, decor and ornamentals, which is the very picture of wealth. The main colours are gold, sapphire, emerald, red and their shades. Gentle tones are out of favour here. The task of the Baroque is to astonish, amaze and delight.

Finishing materials can be used for walls, as long as there is no uniformity and similarity. Textiles, decorative plaster or painted panels of noble wood are suitable as a covering. It is fine to cover the walls with tapestry or brocade, which will enhance the effect of luxury. Using all sorts of decorative inserts, borders and stucco is necessarily. The ceiling should smoothly continue the wall and have the same colour scale. The form should be even or in the form of a vault. Stucco and gilding are used for decoration. Fresco painting is used often. The colour of the floor must be in harmony with the other finishes. It can be wooden or ceramic. The best option would be decorative parquet. Laminate is also appropriate. Carpets without pile will help to complement the interior. The baroque is characterized by large folding doors that can be decorated with ornate carvings and gilding.

The characteristic of this era lighting should be gentle, soft and muffled. The sources used are a massive crystal chandelier with graceful pendants, gilded lamps, styled on candelabras, fabric lampshades. Windows are usually draped with a large number of flowing fabrics. Curtains are framed with gold fringe or lambrequins embroidered with lurex or gold threads.

The furniture is remarkable for its incredibly magnificent shapes and massiveness. It is characterized by curved legs and backs with complex carved elements and mosaics. Baroque furniture is remarkable for bright upholstery made of rich fabrics. It is decorated with sizable, massive decorative elements, which can be made of bronze, copper or brass. Often furniture is inlaid with precious metals, stones and bone. The main items are large tables with a round table top, chairs with high backs, large beds, double-wing wardrobes, dressers, armchairs and sofas. The colour design of the furniture is usually combined with the whole interior.

Huge mirrors in elegant frames decorated with stucco and, of course, gilding are traditionally used as decorations. A fine addition to the interior will be paintings, sculptures from the 17th and 18th centuries, statues, large vases, longcase clocks, jewel boxes and candelabras made of precious metals.

Baroque style is designed to show prestige and wealth status of the house owner. This is costly affair, but for its ability to transform the interior, give it a royal flavor, fill with grandeur, solemnity, pomp and pretentiousness, it is not a pity to spend a fortune.

The Hermitage art workshop is ready to develop and implement special interior design in accordance with any preferences of the customer.


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