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In the 17th century a completely opposite style classicism came to replace the artsy Baroque. It is characterized by solidity and respectability, the presence of elements and parts belonging to the ancient architecture.


Characteristic features of the classicism in the interior are:

  • regular-shaped forms and strict exact lines;
  • moderate decor, differ by luxury finishes and richness;
  • expensive, natural materials.

Classicism is ideal for decoration of any premises, but at the same time quite spacious, with high ceilings filled with air and natural light created by large windows.

High-quality natural materials are used for decoration: the best wood species, stone and luxury fabrics (velvet, brocade, silk). Calm, neutral shades of pastel colours usually prevail in the interior: cream, sand, olive and brown.

For the walls decoration are frequently used fabric or vinyl wallpaper, decorative plaster. It is necessary to apply stucco, pilasters, columns or half-columns mainly with straight strict lines, made in the antique style. The perfect choice would be white panels or niches in the wall. The ceiling often has the hemisphere shape with snow-white stucco. It is usually painted with white or decorated in cream colors. The floor is parquet in most cases, made from several types of wood.

For the premises zoning antique arches with columns are used. The windows are characterized by an incredibly large size, which provides excellent natural lighting. Heavy tapestry curtains and an air veil or organza are used for the window openings decoration.You can use pelmets as decoration. Curtains are wooden, but at the same time creating a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

The furniture has a strict, status view. It is made of natural wood, most often an array. But despite this, it is light in appearance, elegant, but not fanciful, sustained in the classicism colour scheme. White furniture with gilding and expensive upholstery in pastel colours looks beautiful. That time popular furniture colours - mahogany or bronze. It is characterized by graceful carved legs, gently tapering downwards. The presence of carved elements, inlays of gilding and precious stones is appropriate. An indispensable attribute is a small table with a round table top, a secretary on elegant high legs in a gilded frame. In this interior there is complete symmetry in everything, and first of all - in the arrangement of furniture and decor items. All items are practically and functionally.

Rich crystal or gold-plated chandeliers with beautiful pendants and lamps that imitate the shape of candles are most often used for lighting. The interior must include porcelain accessories, paintings and books of famous classics of the 18th century, sculptural compositions, large mirrors in chic gilded frames and antiques.

The lightness and airiness of the white columns, stucco and friezes, the glitter of gilding and crystal, the elegance and elegance of the furniture, the beauty of textiles, the artistic decoration of the parquet will give the interior solemnity, fill it with restraint and nobility, emphasizing the excellent taste of its owner.

The Hermitage art workshop is ready to develop and implement special interior design in accordance with any preferences of the customer.


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