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Modern construction includes a wide range of various structural materials. In particular, if we are talking about the construction of internal (not bearing) walls and partitions, light and practical designs are considered. One of the materials for such partitions are gypsum partition blocks.

Gypsum block, also known as gypsum partition block, is a new masonry material made from an astringent compound, based on natural gypsum of G-4 and G-5 brand mark. Rectangular blocks with short protrusions are  made from this mixture, having a crest-shaped profile. Hence the full name - gypsum partition blocks.

The groove-tongue joint helps to make both quick and precise installation. This compound increases the safety margin of structures made of gypsum blocks. Significantly improves the accuracy of blocks positioning relative to each other. This feature also improves the quality of the surface, and this makes it possible to advantageously reduce the costs associated with the subsequent final finishing of the partition from gypsum blocks.


A distinctive feature that the gypsum block has, unlike other masonry materials, is the ability to regulate the humidity and temperature inside the room. At the same time the optimum climatic mode is maintained. It is associated with raw materials of natural origin (gypsum) in the composition of the blocks.

Rock gypsum is natural, fireproof and environmentally friendly material. The composition obtained on the basis of gypsum does not contain toxic substances capable to harm human health. All the positive aspects of gypsum also apply to gypsum blocks derived from it.

With adherence to the production technology, a high-quality gypsum block should withstand 35 kgf / cm2 for compression and 17 kgf / cm2 for bending. At the same time, temperature fluctuations will not cause any deformations in the gypsum blocks.

It is worth noting individually that the gypsum unit has excellent sound insulation characteristics.

In rooms with high humidity, only moisture-proof gypsum blocks should be used.

The external surface of the gypsum block partitions is ready for decorative finishing almost immediately after their installation.


Physical dimension of block, mm * 500х250х115
Block mass, kg ** 10
Quantity of blocks per square meter, pcs 8


* straight hollow or solid gypsum block

** straight dry gypsum block


  • Fast and relatively simple installation process that does not require wet plastering for finishing.
  • High rate of construction of partitions. On average, a specialist can stack 100 blocks or 12.5 m2 in one working day.
  • Lightweight and at the same time durable building material.
  • It has excellent quality of the face surface, which does not require additional plastering.
  • Savings on the purchase and delivery of cement, sand, plaster mixes. Gypsum block is laid on gypsum-containing glue, for example Perlfix and that's it. Then fill seams and hang wallpaper.
  • High fire-resistance.
  • Ecological cleanliness.



  1. A specialist should lay the gypsum unit.
  2. Blocks should be unloaded carefully for not to damage the surface. This will save time and money on restoration.
  3. Do not hang heavy objects, furniture, appliances on the walls of hollow blocks.



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