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In this section, we will unveil some secrets of stuccowork production and tell about the manufacturing technology and installation of gypsum products.

Today there are a lot of materials for the plaster decoration production - it is gypsum, cement, plaster, fiberglass, carton-pierre and polyurethane, which is popular today. Despite the abundance of materials, the most natural, high-quality and embossed stucco is obtained from gypsum.


- The oldest material for the fretwork production. For the first time this material was applied in 3700 BC in ancient Egypt. However, in Europe began to be applied only in the 15th  century. Even then, gypsum was used for exterior decoration of buildings and as an interior decoration element.

- Mineral from the class of sulphates: soft, lamellar, fibrous or granular consistency, density 2310-2330 kg/m3.

- Typical sedimentary mineral, which is formed as chemical precipitation as a result of ancient ocean evaporation.


  1. Harmlessness and environmental friendliness. Gypsum is an environmentally friendly, natural, living material that does not emit substances harmful to humans and has no smell.
  2. Accuracy of the transfer pattern. Gypsum products are embossed, elegant, with strict geometric shapes.
  3. Gypsum is appreciated for its strength. Gypsum stucco can last up to 100 years or more. While the polyurethane decor in a few years begins to lose its quality. Gypsum is also a good insulation for indoor use.
  4. Water resistance, fire safety, sound insulation. Gypsum products do not burn, resistant to moisture and provide sound insulation to the room.


The stuccowork made of gypsum is a technologically complex and time-consuming process, which includes three successive stages:

  1. Modelling
  2. Molding
  3. Casting or replication

The first step in the production of stucco is the production of a future decor element pattern created by an architect. The pattern quality depends on the quality of the drawing. Patterns are usually made of plasticine, clay, gypsum or other material. The model made by the master is inspected and, if it corresponds to the drawing, then proceed to the next stage – pattern gypsum molding.

Forms are made of various materials, and the selection of material depends on the required number of copies and is divided into types:

  1. Disposable: plaster draft
  2. Reusable: pure gypsum lumpy, glue and formoplastic
  3. For mass production: cement (concrete)


In addition, forms are also made of wood, metal and other materials. With the help of the obtained form, the required number of products is cast or replicated.


The facade stucco from the Hermitage is an exclusive facade decor, which has no analogues today either in Ukraine or in Russia. Using the our company unique development, as well as the latest innovative technologies in the field of architecture and construction and the latest equipment, we offer our customers a unique facade stucco made of reinforced polystyrene with cement coating. The impeccable quality of our architectural decoration is proven over the years of operation.

The molded decor for the facades of polystyrene with cement-adhesive reinforcing coating is a worthy alternative to the former heavy materials. Finished foam products are covered with a special mesh, which is applied to glue and cement. After this, the products are painted with a brush or spray gun and installed on the building.

The lead time depends on the extent and level of its complexity, but on average it takes from 3 to 7 days. Thanks to our experience, modern equipment and a large team of highly qualified specialists, we implement projects of any size and complexity.


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